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The Complete Learning Toolkit

GoConqr provides a range of tools for learning. From planning, brainstorming and note-taking to testing and scoring - find everything you need on a single platform.


Mind Maps

Mind Maps are perfect for introducing a subject or presenting a topic overview. By creating Mind Maps you develop your understanding of learning material through simplifying and connecting the concepts, contexts and scope of what you're studying. They are perfect for outlining a curriculum, brainstorming an essay, or exploring how concepts relate to each other.



Flashcards are an effective way of revising and recalling important facts. Online Flashcards offer more versatility than their paper counterparts by giving you the ability to rate and shuffle cards, add images, hide the cards you already know, and easily share with friends, colleagues or classmates.



No matter how much you know you can never be totally confident of overcoming your next learning challenge unless you've put yourself to the test. GoConqr's Quiz is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create tests that will show you what you know so that you can focus on what you still need to learn. You can compare your results with previous attempts to track your improvements.



GoConqr's Note-taking software lets you express what you know about a topic in your own words. Record the key study points in a flexible template that's easy to use in the classroom, lecture hall, office, or on the go. You can add video or images to really add depth, and you can embed other resources created on GoConqr.



GoConqr's Slides tool lets you gather multiple types of learning material in one place. Bring your area of study to life by creating rich and engaging learning Slides that incorporate other GoConqr resources, external links, videos and images.


Study Planner

GoConqr's online Study Planner is one of the tools for learning that helps keep students focused, motivated and on track to achieve their study goals! Manage your time more effectively by keeping track of how much you're spending on each area of study, then plan your way to success.



With over 7 million user-created resources and courses in GoConqr's virtual Library, you'd think finding the content you need might be tricky, but it couldn't be easier: We create a personal filter list based on your profile and learning interests. Or you can
simply enter your search terms, apply filters and find what you're after!



Our Flowcharts tool allows you to easily create process diagrams and models, with specialised shapes and an easy to manage canvas. This tool for learning is perfect to capture ideas effectively so you can quickly communicate information to colleagues, friends, or students.



In GoConqr Groups, you can connect with more than three million users to exchange content and engage in discussion. Public groups provide an opportunity to meet people from around the world with similar learning interests, while private groups allow you to securely share resources for learning with friends and colleagues.


Course Builder

Use our Course Builder to curate resources in a Course, add context and directions, and specify minimum progression requirements. This tool is ideal for personal revision and, combined with GoConqr Campus, it provides a robust online training solution.


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